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Bank of Cyprus Customer

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New Salary Account

Manage your day-to-day transactions simply and efficiently.

Deposit your salary at Bank of Cyprus and enjoy:

  • An overdraft limit of up to 3 times your salary (maximum amount €10.000)
  • An American Express card with free subscription for the first year
  • Instant notification for your transactions via SMS messages
  • Your first chequebook free of charge
  • Access to your accounts through internet, 1Bank, 24/7

The new Salary Account offers you access to your money:

  •  by allowing you to issue personal cheques
  •  by using your Direct VISA for shopping and
  •  at ATMs across Cyprus at no extra cost.

It allows you to:

  •  make automatic payments for loans, insurance premiums, rent or other recurring expenses, by setting up standing orders.
  •  make automatic payments of public utility bills, such as telephone, electricity or water bills, by setting up direct debits.

To learn more about the interest rates click here.

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