Forgot your logon credentials?

If you have forgotten your login credentials, contact us and we will help you. In case you have locked your subscription after entering wrong login credentials three times, either contact us or follow the self-service procedure to unlock your subscription and have it reactivated.

Unlock your subscription (self service)

Aiming to improve our subscribers’ experience 24/7, we have implemented a new function, from which you can proceed with subscription unlocking by yourself (in case of subscription deactivation).

More specifically, if you have locked your subscription, due to 3 consecutive incorrect attempts to enter the Passcode, you are able to unlock the subscription on your own through Internet and Mobile Banking (self-service).

The new function is available
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • For Individual and Business Subscribers
  • Either you own a Digipass or not
  • Only if you are using a static Passcode to login to 1bank. In case of “sign on” Digipass (Digipass 550, 320 or Digipass App) the unlock function is not available
  • You must remember and enter the correct static Passcode in order to be able to use this function
The new function is NOT available
  • If you enter 6 times a wrong static Passcode for login to Internet Banking / Mobile Banking / Interactive Voice Response channels
  • If you are using a  Digipass with “Sign on” option
How it works

In case you have entered 3 times a wrong Passcode for 1bank login to Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or Interactive Voice Recognition, then your subscription is automatically locked and you are given 3 more tries to enter the correct Passcode in order to unlock your subscription by yourself (self-service).  On the 6th incorrect attempt, the unlock function will be unavailable and you must contact the 1bank Call Centre in order to unlock your subscription.

In case you have forgotten your access codes

You can contact our 1bank Call Centre:

  • 800 00 800
  • +357 22 128000 from abroad

or visit any of our branches to receive a new Passcode (for individuals only).

SMS Digipass & Digipass App 1bank new Digipass, for convenience and enhanced security More
Need more information?
  • 800 00 800
  • Calling from abroad +35722128000
  • Service hours
  • Monday to Friday, 07:45 until 20:00
  • Saturday and Sunday 9:00 until 17:00
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