Settings - Change Passcode

Option through which you can change the 1bank Passcode.The new Passcode can be used for your next logon to Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Quickpay or for your contacts with the Call Centre

Important information

  •  It is advisable to change yourPasscode frequently.  Frequent changes enhance the security of your online transactions
  • Never reveal your Passcode to third parties, either via the internet, email or any electronic transaction
  • The Bank will never ask you to reveal your personal details or Passcode, via email or advertising banners
  • Never respond to any email that is requesting you to reveal personal banking data
  • Read carefully the welcome and other messages that the Bank is sending from time to time, with regards to security
  • For security purposes, your Passcode should not:
  • Be identical with the previous one
  • Contain the same digit more than 2 times
  • Contain consecutive numbers (ascending or descending)
  • Contain letters or symbols


    • Existing Passcode: Enter the existing 6-digit Passcode  
    • New Passcode: Enter the new 6-digit Passcode, following the instructions at the bottom of the page
    • Confirmation of the New Passcode: Re-enter thenew Passcode
    • Submit: Click to submit the transaction.  Read the system message carefully to make sure that the change has been completed successfully


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