Day to Day Banking

  • Insurance products

    We offer a range of insurance products providing effective coverage for both individuals and corporate entities through our subsidiary companies, Eurolife and General Insurance of Cyprus.

  • Cards

    Our wide range of personal & business cards (Visa and MasterCard) streamline your payment processes, reduce paperwork and increase control on your expenses, and offer additional privileges such as travel insurance, Internet transactions, SMS alerts and 24 hour ATM service.

    Find out more about our cards here.

  • Domestic and overseas payments

    We offer a comprehensive range of services for secure and effective management of your domestic payments. You can choose from among a variety of funds transfer gateways.
    You can also transfer funds, in any currency, to a beneficiary's account in another bank within Cyprus or overseas. Find out more.

  • Cash flow management

    We work alongside you in formulating innovative solutions enabling you to effectively manage your cash flow, modernise your banking procedures, and achieve transparency through effective monitoring and auditing of your accounts.

  • Savings on operating costs

    Automating banking transactions and services, as well as managing your daily banking transactions, such as cash collection and cheque collection.

  • Deposit and Sight accounts

    We offer a broad range of deposit products, including Instant Access accounts and specialised Fixed-Term deposit schemes: 

More Information

  • Depending on your needs, you can choose from among various channels:

    • Cheques, with special and automated printing
    • JCC domestic transfers in euro
    • SEPA non-urgent money transfers in euro
    • SWIFT money transfers in all freely convertible currencies
    • Urgent payments
    • Payroll payments through electronic files
    • Direct debits and standing orders
    • Electronic payments via 1bank, our Internet banking service
  • We can guide you in formulating a suitable combination of banking services with regard to:

    • Managing your business’ cash flow, through a flexible structure of corporate accounts (sight, credit, notice, fixed term deposits).
    • Managing your daily banking transactions, such as cash collection and cheque collection.
    • Sending and receiving any type of payment (mass payments, petty sums, urgent, local and international), promptly and securely.
    • Automating banking transactions and services.
    • Achieving transparency through effective monitoring and auditing of your accounts.
  • We offer a wide selection of deposit products:

    • Instant access: Retaining the flexibility for short-term liquidity needs.
    • Savings: Choose amongst our traditional savings options or innovative savings schemes, with unlimited number of deposits and withdrawals.
    • Notice: With unlimited number of deposits and choice of withdrawal notice periods from 8, 35, 90 and 180 days, you optimise your liquidity according to your business plan.
    • Fixed-term deposits: With durations from 1 to 60 months set at the beginning of the deposit.
    • Specialised fixed term deposit schemes: With innovative options in terms of interest payment frequency, free withdrawals and deposit frequency.